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By: Cameron Fearn | May 05, 2015

Good morning everyone!!

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, the Barat Academy EagleBots will be touring Monsanto's facilities. The tour will be from 3:30pm-5:30pm at their Chesterfield location (700 Chesterfield Pkwy W.).   All team members are expected to attend , but parents are also welcome to attend with us. I will set up carpools so that we can ride together, so if anyone is willing or able to drive please send me an email. 

This tour gets us better connected to our sponsor, and it will be a tour that encompasses the goal of FIRST: emphasizing STEM education.

Thank you!!!
Cameron Fearn

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By: Cameron Fearn | April 25, 2015

Thank you everyone for helping at New Student Orientation!!!! We had many incoming students interested about our team.

By: Cameron Fearn | April 17, 2015

The EagleBots will be showing our robot off on Thursday the 23rd at Barat Academy's New Student Orientation!!! We would like as many team members as possible to attend, and would also like to invite parents of the team members. There will be many events going on at Barat Academy on this day, so after the orientation feel free to watch the Lacrosse game!!!

By: Cameron Fearn | April 15, 2015

Today, Monsanto, one of our biggest sponsors, announced that they will not only be sponsoring our team, but will also be sponsoring the FIRST Robotics Championship here in St. Louis. View the attached news release from Monsanto.


By: Cameron Fearn | April 11, 2015

Welcome to the EagleBots' new home page. This site offers many new features that our old site did not offer. We will now be able to integrate our blog, have better web forms, and use better photo galleries. This website also features HTML5 and a better webpage editor than our previous site. 

As stated above, this site allows for integration of our blog. Our old blog is no longer available. All new posts will be posted to this page.